1. General Inspiration Board: Creating an inspiration board that includes images of all of your wedding day details is key. (i.e. share color inspiration, pictures of flowers you love, an image of your bridesmaid dress or tux inspiration, favors, linens) Wedding Florists love seeing pictures of your entire wedding day inspiration to help guide their creative direction. This inspiration board can be 1-2 pages of your favorite images that exude the aesthetic and atmosphere you want to achieve. It doesn’t have to be fancy. You can cut out magazine images or print images you found on pinterest. You can also use Canva to upload photos in a grid or collage! Your inspiration board should include non-floral details (so your florist can see the entire vision) as well as specific floral images.
  2. Specific Wedding Flower Inspiration Board: When creating the specific floral portion of the inspiration board, you should break it into a few categories so it’s easy to digest. The four categories include: 1) Wedding Bouquet 2) Ceremony Flowers 3) Reception Flowers 4) Extra Floral Details. Within each of these categories, include images that represent each. In the Wedding Bouquet Category, it’s important to share with you florist three different elements. Shape/Size, Color, and Flower Type. This will give your florist more specific direction on your bouquet and a good starting point for conversations. From there, your florist will provide you with insight on popular wedding flowers, wedding flowers by season, what colors will be available, and prices on different size bouquets.
  3. Color Palette: Taking your inspiration board a step further, it’s important to share your color palette with your florist. Paint swatches provide excellent color direction if you have multiple shades you would like incorporated. **TIP: Once you’ve booked your florist, the next step would be sharing some linen swatches, bridesmaid dress fabrics, and examples of materials or textiles that you’re using in your wedding day. This will help give your florists additional guidance on the exact colors that will be present in your wedding day so they can be intentional about the color of blooms the source for you.

*** It’s important to note that florists will use your images of bouquets and centerpieces, boutonnieres, and ceremony arbors that you’ve collected to help guide their creative direction instead of dictate their creative direction. The florist that you ultimately choose should understand your vision and have a creative aesthetic that aligns with your wedding day design. You should trust your florist to take your inspiration images and create florals that are unique to you and your wedding day. Please don’t expect your florist to copy exactly what you’ve shared. They are artists, and should be given the creative freedom to exceed your expectations and use your inspiration to inform your floral expression.


Florists will greatly benefit from seeing a list of vendors that are providing a lot of the design work and exactly what you’ve selected from each of them (i.e. Stationary, Linens, Lighting, Dress Colors, Venue, Photographer) Whether you have already finalized other design elements, or are still in the works, it’s important that these details are shared with your florist so they can create arrangements that compliment these designs. There’s nothing worse than having beautiful invites and beautiful flowers, but neither of them coordinating or looking synchronized when shot together. Florists are experienced professionals in the wedding industry and know/have worked with a ton of vendors. Just by sharing your secured vendors will give them more insight to your wedding day which will better inform their creative direction.


This step is a bonus. This by no means has to be finalized by your initial wedding florist consult, but it should be considered and discussed at a high level so your florists can provide you with an accurate quote. You should come prepared to your consultation with the estimated floral counts as well as any other potential decor items that you will need your florist to provide. How many bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, centerpieces, wreaths, hanging lanterns, table numbers, mirrors, votives, etc. It’s important to provide an accurate estimated count so they can create a quote that reflects your wedding day and won’t fluctuate a ton after that initial consultation. If you only have your florist quote you on 1 bridesmaid bouquet, but you end up asking 8, your quote will fluctuate by a couple of hundred dollars once that change is entered.

In addition to preparing for your wedding florist consultation, here are some frequently asked questions about wedding florists:


A wedding florist should be booked no later than 6 months prior to your wedding day. However, if you want to have your first choice of florist or you wish to book the most desired florist in your city, you should book them 9-12 months prior to your wedding day in order to reserve your wedding date.


The cost of a wedding florist varies depending on the city which you are marrying, your budget, and florist experience. Instead of giving an average, I typically suggest budgeting 10-15% of your budget on wedding flowers. **Disclaimer: If wedding flowers are low on your priority list and you only want minimal flowers, you will budget on the low side of that range (5-10%). If wedding flowers are your main priority and you want statement pieces and large installations, I would budget on the high side of that range (15-20%).

To review, when booking Daydream Floral as your Jersey City Wedding Floral Designer remember to share your Event Inspiration Board for your Wedding. The Floral Consultation is a key process in providing the right Styled Shoot for your Photographer. Daydream Floral who not only provides Jersey City Flowers for your Wedding Bouquet but chooses quality blooms for your Wedding Arch as well. Daydream Floral will be able to provide the High End Event Flowers for your wedding and your board will help them provide the exact Floral Styling. Coming from a background in working in Floral Styling for Branch Launch Shoots, they really understand product, set up and installation. 

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